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How the Bailey Profile was developed.


Rodger Bailey, MS has been the driving force in the functional development of NLP's Metaprograms, since he was first introduced to the concepts in 1979, at the first Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner Training at DOTAR in Santa Cruz, California.


Leslie Cameron Bandler taught metaprograms to the participants in the program. Rodger immediately understood the implications of this 'new' set of concepts for Nero-Linguistic Programming.


Rodger Bailey is the developer of the Bailey ProfileAt that point ('79), Rodger was a Programmer Analyst at IBM. He had become interested in NLP as he finished his MS in Counseling in 1977. NLP had been breaking ground in the functional understanding of human physical and mental states and in functional mental strategies, which were the 'programs' by which we humans performed our activities.

As he studied NLP, Rodger had been on the lookout for how to take NLP techniques into a business environment. When he was introduced to metaprograms, he recognized them as the functional architecture by which we humans execute our strategies.


Functional: Science is still trying to crack the code of how neurons actually do their jobs of storing data and executing strategies. So, Rodger uses the term Functional to describe how our brain operates like the modern silicon based computer structures and functions that our computers, tablets, and phones do.


Rodger recognized that these architectural elements (these metaprograms) were the key to understanding human behavior in business behavioral terms. So, he immediately began to explore how to make a business tool out of metaprograms.



When Rodger first learned these patterns from Leslie, there were only six patterns. It was easy to understand the concepts, but there was no straightforward way of eliciting these patterns. Essentially, people were taught to ask a lot of questions and eventually, you could start to recognize which pattern the person had.


Rodger was convinced that specific questions could be developed, which would move a person's mind into their normal pattern, so that their response would highlight their pattern. He enlisted the help of Ross Stuart and they worked together throughout '79 and '80 to get this set of questions nailed down so that this profiling approach could be taught.


They formed BioData and they worked together developing and using the IPU Profile from 1980 until 1985. They did a series of projects with many companies large and small, and taught many open seminars for individuals. It was their partnership that performed those many projects with Southwest Airlines during that period (even though many authors write about these projects, implying they did this project).


Rodger Bailey created the LAB Profile in 1985 as a refinement of the IPU Profile he had developed with Ross Stuart in 1980.


In 1992, Rodger Licensed Shelle Rose Charvet to market and train the LAB Profile, worldwide. She continues doing an amazing job and the LAB Profile has been taught to many tens of thousands of people with clarity and purpose for all these past 25 years.


rodger bailey developer of bailey profileOver the course of these 25 years, Rodger has continued consulting with and tinkering with the profile patterns, refining some and adding others. As he nears retirement, Rodger wants to teach his somewhat modified profile (this latest version called the Bailey Profile), so that his new insights into functional brain architecture gets added to our understanding of the connection between language and behavior.


For those who didn't know, Rodger's first degree was in Anthropology. He studied for his BS ('72) in Anthropology at Fordham University in NYC, where Margret Mead was the head of the department. Dr Mead had been married to Gregory Bateson, while they were doing field research in South Pacific Islands. For many research projects, Linguists and Anthropologists work hand-in-hand. And, many of NLP's basic concepts have come from Bateson.


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Rodger is now developing a training program for those trained in the LAB Profile to augment their understanding of how we humans operate linguistically and behaviorally. This program is called the Bailey Profile, so it does not get confused with the earlier version (the LAB Profile).


Rodger's grounding in Anthropology, NLP, and Computer function and architecture, led him to expand on Noam Chomsky's Transformational Grammar concepts to take those early metaprogram patterns and develop and refine them to build the IPU Profile, the LAB Profile, and now the Bailey Profile. Rodger has always been interested in how things evolved, because much of what we need for success can get lost as new technology replaces old technology.


If you want to go on this exploratory journey with him, delving deeper into how we humans operate, how we can recognize those patterns in individuals and groups, and how we can influence the behavior of those individuals and groups, you need to sign up below to learn more about his upcoming Bailey Profile training program.



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